And The Winner Is…The Jane!

The Jane is the winner of this years ‘Restaurant and Bar Design Awards’ hosted by Entrée Magazine earlier this week.
The internationally known restaurant with Sergio Herman in the lead won in three categories Best Overall, Best International and Winner Europe.
The restaurant was designed by the Dutch Studio Piet Boon and opened its doors back in 2011. The amazing restaurant is housed in a former military hospital chapel. The spot where the altar once stood is now the heart of the restaurant, the kitchen and the organ has been replaced with a cocktail bar.
The attribute in the interior that The Jane is most recognized by is the 800 kilogram chandelier hanging majestically in the center of the chapel.
The Jane was the lucky winners of the award, competing against 859 other restaurants in 71 countries worldwide.
Congratulations Sergio Herman, Nick Bril and the Team at The Jane.