Natural Cutlery is the premium natural alternative to standard silverware. The simple and contemporary design makes Natural Cutlery the ideal choice for daily use, yet these wooden utensils have the aesthetic appeal to suit a wide variety of occasions- from family picnics in the park to formal sit-down dinners with business partners.

Design & Inspiration

Natural Cutlery has a thin natural wax coating that eliminates any dry “wooden” taste and is designed to complement our Natural Tableware product line of plates and bowls.


Natural Cutlery is made from so-called “rest wood”- a sustainable, renewable resource in Asia. No chemicals nor other harmful materials are used in the production process, which results in a 100% ecofriendly and compostable products. Natural Cutlery is biodegradable and will dissolve within 49 days in your back yard compost. Compared to other sustainable utensils made from recycled material and bio plastic, Natural Cutlery is not only sustainable but has a positive impact on the environment by adding nutrition to the soil when dissolving in your compost.


Natural Cutlery comes in two various packs, one retail pack with 100 pcs and a larger box of 500 pcs suitable for events and catering.


  Name Code Specs Units per sleeve
Forks NCF500
183 x 25 x 2 mm 500 pcs
100 pcs
Knives NCK500
183 x 25 x 2 mm 500 pcs
100 pcs
Spoons NCS500
183 x 25 x 2 mm 500 pcs
100 pcs