Disposables That Gives Kisses

The first cup of coffee of the day is sacred and very necessary for many to slap you out of your morning slumber and slowly bring you back to life, and waking up has never been sweeter. Now, you can even wake up by a kiss of your coffee, with a mouth shaped lid not only giving you caffeine but also a little bit of love.
Lately, we have seen many trends within disposable coffee cups and collaborations between coffee companies and artists. Mainly designing the cup itself, making it look more decorative and inviting, but when it comes to the lids they usually stay in the standardized. However, to our delight someone finally decided to take the next step and tweak the design of the lid.
The latest development is a to-go coffee cup lid shaped like a pair of lips and a nose where you kiss the lips with every sip you take.
The brain behind this sweet concept is Jang Wooseok from Sunchon, Korea. The lid is still only a prototype and Wooseok calls it The “Take Kiss Out”
With the “Take Kiss Out” the coffee drinking experience is both visual and fun while creating an emotional connection.
There are so many different and fun ways of changing the everyday disposable articles that will make the experience of a single use product last a little bit longer.