Sucadrops is our best-selling premium bagasse (sugarcane fiber) disposable tableware. The product line is of professional grade and can withstand high temperatures in combi-ovens as well as colder degrees in refrigerators and freezer units. Sucadrops delivers every time and exceeds expectations with its eye-catching design and value offer that complements every chefs’ creation.

Our products tell a story, “Suca” stands for Sugar cane, the material the plates are made of and “Drops” for their elegant and feminine shape. The orange color of the logo represent the Dutch heritage.

Design & Inspiration

The Sucadrops product line was designed by Dutch designer Annelies Hermsen in close cooperation with top chefs to meet their specific needs and desires.

Shortly after graduating from the design academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Annelies Hermsen started working as a food designer.

Considering the environment she grew up in there is no surprise she chose the gastronomic path when opening her own studio. Growing up among pots and pans in her parents Michelin star restaurant “Toine Hermsen”, Annelies gained a lot of knowledge and experience in creating and presenting dishes. As of 2005 Annelies has been developing new food concepts and consults the hospitality industry and catering companies by giving culinary advice, assisting with the creation of new recipes and presentation. Still, she found time in her busy schedule to design the Sucadrops line for Natural Tableware.

“When designing Sucadrops, I found my inspiration in nature: seeds, drops, eggs, they all have beautiful and elegant shapes and are in many religions the symbol of a new beginnings. Since Sucadrops is made from organic waste material, it is completely durable and can be composted after use. Sucadrops literally close the circle of life and represents the ongoing process of new beginnings.

In the design process I of course looked at trends and developments in the hospitality industry where there is a visible increased demand for sustainable and organic products with a natural look and feel. Sucadrops accommodate many of the whishes chefs have who are looking for exceptional tableware to present their creations on in a coherent manner.”Annelies Hermsen


The production of Sucadrops takes place in a private factory in China under fair and safe working conditions. We work in close cooperation with the team members of the factory with a steady stream of communication. We monitor the production from afar to ensure a certain level of quality is upheld and maintained to deliver consistency.


Sucadrops come in packs of 50 pcs, wrapped in a transparent cover with an orange label and content information.


  Name Code Specs Units per sleeve
Large SD001Hi
251 x 190 x 20 50 pcs
20 pcs
Medium SD002Hi
201 x 150 x 41 mm - 340 ml 50 pcs
20 pcs
Bowl SD003Hi
149 x 118 x 63 mm - 355 ml 50 pcs
20 pcs