Chefs’ Freedom is another bagasse product designed by Annelies Hermsen and is the one and only disposable plate designed to give the chef total freedom; it has a dual functionality and can be served on both sides. The idea behind the dual sided design came from the needs and wants of professional chefs. When cooking off-site at events and festivals the need for a versatile plate is greater since the need for improvising´ is bigger. 

Design & Inspiration

Chefs’ Freedom is made from sugarcane fiber and is fully compostable. The plate was launched in June 2014 by the finalists of Master Chef Holland 2014. The innovation behind Chefs’ Freedom is gaining popularity and is becoming a favorite among the top chefs and self-proclaimed foodies all over Europe. Annelies Hermsen  worked in close co-operation with professional chefs when designing Chefs' Freedom in order better understand the process of cooking and the momentum of presentation. The plate is taking the texture of the food into consideration which enables the chef to use the tableware to its full potential. 


The production of Chefs’ Freedom takes place in a private factory in China under fair and safe working conditions. We work in close co-operation with the team members at the factory, maintaining a steady stream of communication. We monitor the production from afar to ensure a certain level of quality is upheld to deliver a product that lives up to the expectations of the end-users. 


Chefs’ Freedom comes in packs of 50 pcs, wrapped in a transparent cover with a blue label and content information.

For more information regarding measurements and weights please download the following document.


  Name Code Specs Units per sleeve
Chefs' Freedom CF002Hi Ø 150 x 15 mm 50 pcs