Natural Cups


NATURAL CUPS is a line of premium disposable coffee cups made of double walled craft paper with a PLA inner coating.

The cups are 100% biodegradable compared to many other self-proclaimed sustainable coffee cups on the market.

Design & Inspiration

The biggest environmental issue with the regular single use coffee cups is that they usually have an inner coating made from regular plastic. The plastic coating makes it almost impossible to recycle the materials since properly separating the plastic from the paper is close to impossible. This means the cups are burnt and both materials lost. This is not the case with Natural Cups, since both materials used for Natural Cups are biodegradable they can just be thrown in the compost and let nature take its course. Natural Cups are practical in use, with its double wall the heat from the beverage is kept out longer than on a regular single use cup. The esthetically appealing design will increase the reputation of your brand and strengthen your social responsibility policy.


The production of Natural Cups is held in China at an ISO certified factory with safe and fair working conditions.


Natural Cups come in three sizes and two colors. The sizes range from an espresso sized cup of 120 ml to larger sizes of 240 ml and 360 ml. The colors are of the patterned kind, one beige with rose gold stains and the other a chess pattern with black and cardboard brown.


  Name Code Specs Units per sleeve
Natural Cups 120 ml Beige/Gold NC120BGHi Ø 6 x 6 cm 50 pcs
Natural Cups 120 ml Black/Brown NC120BBHi Ø 6 x 6 cm 50 pcs
Natural Cups 240 ml Beige/Gold NC240BGHi Ø 8 x 9 cm 25 pcs
Natural Cups 240 ml Black/Brown NC240BBHi Ø 8 x 9 cm 25 pcs
Natural Cups 360 ml Beige/Gold NC360BGHi Ø 9 x 11 cm 25 pcs
Natural Cups 360 ml Black/Brown NC360BBHi Ø 9 x 11 cm 25 pcs