Premium Brands

Our premium brand have all been designed by talented designers in close cooperation with chefs to meet certain needs and requirements. The high-quality and unrivaled design make each piece eye-catching and will add to your presentation. Each reference has a different shape or size to ensure you will find the perfect disposable plate for your dish or type event. Most of our current premiums brands are made of white  sugarcane fiber. Sucadrops is our bestseller and was the first brand of sugarcane disposables that was added. Chefs' Freedom give the chef total freedom with its dual side function. Natural Tableware and Natural Cutlery are our house brands. Symbiose by The Jane is our latest addition to our brands, a design collaboration between Natural Tableware, The Jane Antwerpen and One & Many. Hampi is a collection of disposables made of palm leaf bark, each design come in several sizes.