Purebagasse is a collection of bagasse (sugarcane fiber) disposables, plates bowls and takeaway containers that are suitable for large events. The collection consists of 10 references each suitable for high volume everyday use. 

Design & Inspiration

Purebagasse products  have a clean-cut and simple design that speaks to all users of disposables. The simple design of the references speaks to high volume disposables users, such as events and large caterings. 


Purebagasse is a collaboration between Natural Tableware and Luzhou Paper Mould Packaging, together we have created the brand Purebagasse. The production is taking place in China at the Luzhou production facilities. 


The packaging of Purebagsse varies depending on the product and comes wrapped in loose transparent packaging with a bright green label.


  Name Code Specs Units per sleeve
Round Large LZ-YP10
Ø 254 mm 125 pcs
50 pcs
Round 3 Compartment LZ-YP10-3
Ø 254 mm 125 pcs
50 pcs
Round Medium LZ-YP09
Ø 225 mm 125 pcs
50 pcs
Round Small LZ-YP07
Ø 171 mm 125 pcs
50 pcs
Oval LZ-TY02
254 x 190 mm 125 pcs
50 pcs
Round Bowl Medium LZ-TW16
Ø 178 x 45 mm – 480 ml 125 pcs
50 pcs
Round Bowl Small LZ-TW12
Ø 162 x 35 mm – 360 ml 125 pcs
50 pcs
Menu Box LZ-SH09Hi 228 x 228 x 63 mm 50 pcs
Menu box 3 Compartment LZ-SH09-3Hi 228 x 228 x 63 mm 50 pcs
Hamburger Box LZ-HB06Hi 152 x 152 x 76 mm 50 pcs