Nothing Beats Nature


Is endangering our environment as millions of tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. We believe we can stop this together.


Of a clean and healthy environment in which natural resources are valued according to circular principles.


To push for sustainable change, by initiating creative collaborations with our suppliers and partners, providing you with compostable, single use alternatives. Nothing beats nature!


Are known for their high quality standards, designed to exceed the expectations of our customers. Sourced and manufactured under fair and sustainable conditions, these natural alternatives provide the solution to plastic pollution. 

Nothing Beats Nature

We believe we can phase out single use plastic. By making use of nature’s natural waste material and by replacing plastic with natural alternatives, we build a circular supply chain. These green, compostable and biodegradable materials are turned into the most beautiful designs, showing us that nothing beats what nature has to offer.

Challenging The Norms

… of disposable tableware design. We believe design plays a crucial role in developing a product that is not only sustainable, but also beautiful and functional. Together with renowned
industry professionals – both chefs and designers – we take the art of plating to the next level. We create radically different, eye-catching designs that help us reshape the way we look at single use tableware and
packaging, proving that nothing beats the elegance of nature.

Co-creating A Better Planet

... a better planet. We believe we can make a difference together. Through the strong relationships we build with our stakeholders, we empower others to transition into a regenerative economy that supports
the planet instead of damaging its ecosystem. To us co-creation means creating a fun space in which we challenge each other to strive for the best solutions, for our clients and for the environment. Closely following rapid developments in sustainability practices, we learn every day, to ensure we stay focused on our mission to create a better planet.