The Vicious Circle of Plastic Production

By now we are all well aware that plastic is no good for the environment!
To our satisfaction more individuals are changing their lifestyles and consumption habits to reduce the use of plastic. The same goes for businesses who are adapting their operation to better suite the sustainable future and finding alternative to pure plastic. This is great but only the beginning, we have a long way to go!
I’m not going to deny it plastic is a fantastic invention with many great advantages but only for our convenience not for the earth.  The aftermath of production and use of plastic is devastating if the waste is not taken care of properly.
One alternative to pure plastic is to use recycled plastic to create new products. This is an excellent solution to what we can do with the plastic pollution we find in our oceans and nature, but not the solution to the real problem. By taking care of the plastic waste we are in a way supporting the plastic production and take care of their problem. We need to take a stand to push the change in the right direction. At them moment we use way too much plastic, because its cheap and effective and frankly difficult to avoid. Only pay a visit to your local grocery store and try to buy something that is not wrapped in plastic, its going to be more difficult than you might think.
We need to severely decrease the usage of plastic, narrowing it down to only the most necessary products such as sterile medical tools and equipment for example.
When it comes to disposable products many of the alternatives on the market are made from recycled plastic and claim to be 100% sustainable, something that is not 100% accurate. The true sustainable products are made from organic materials that can be composted, not only recycled and return to the earth in the form of nutritious soil.
Plastic can be found everywhere, the supermarkets are bottomless sources of unnecessary plastic packing. But there has been actions taken to change the way we look at grocery stores, like most other trends we are going back in time and creating a store where you only by what you need and without packaging, with zero-waste in mind.
Finding more sustainable alternatives will help the planet balance out the impact we have on it but the first step is to contain our over consumption, no matter how sustainable the alternative, at one point we will run out of resources.