The rules for playing with your food are changing

We’ve all been taught from a young age not to play with our food but times are changing and the fine line between food and art is fading.
The San Francisco- based designer turned techie Gretchen Röehrs was fiddling with her food when a brilliant idea popped up in her creative mind, to create mini-portraits of stylish women dressed in vegetables and fruits, art that both fashionistas and foodies can enjoy.
Using seasonal Californian produce as the base of the portrait she draws the delicately inked details to complete the look, letting the produce lead the way.
And just like we all do Gretchen shared her “drawings” on social media and soon realized they got more likes than her selfies. The Instagram fame picked up in early June this year and her art is now know all over the world. Social media is truly amazing…
In an interview with Refinery29 she shares a trick; to use the “ugly” produce, it taste better!