Sustainability Leader in Circular Economy

MUD Jeans is a sustainable denim brand that dreams of a world without waste. The brand was based on a simple thought, what if we all cleaned up our own mess? And the answer is just a simple, send our old jeans to MUD and they will reuse the materials and you can get an upgrade by switching to a new pair. The returned jeans are upcycled into new one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and when the jeans are beyond repair they are recycled into new items.
Since the beginning of the sustainable clothing brand, MUD Jeans has won several awards, such as the Circle Challenge, the NCD Change in Business Award and last week they won another, The Edie Awards 2015, Sustainable Leaders Awards in London in the category Sustainable Business Model.
MUD Jeans is the only brand that works according to the principles of the circular economy. In circular economy, waste is a source of growth to make something new. MUD Jeans aim to make environmental impact by cutting back on resource consumption for the obvious reason that natural resources are limited.