Kitchen Guerilla Hijacks with Sustainable Disposables

Here’s a cool concept for you!
Kitchen Guerilla is a mobile kitchen unit that hijacks restaurants, sailing ships, country guesthouses, construction sites and other extra ordinary locations from Hamburg to Istanbul.
Kitchen Guerilla focus on detaching itself from excessive supply, it reduces its kitchen to the essentials and concentrates solely on the quality of the local produce. It scouts only the best ingredients directly from the manufacturer and makes traditional recipes with virtuosity.
The mission and aim is to put cooking, as the origin of every culture, back of the center of social life and attention. “People should not only enjoy- they should cook together and share their experiences”
To add to this quote, our sustainable disposables gives lasting experiences and preserves the environment. The many designs and materials makes it easy to find your favorite just like Kitchen Guerilla did, finding the right plate that suits your concept and presentation.
Check out these cool photos from a Kitchen Guerilla hijack.