Sustainable Kings Day Celebration

Tonight the celebrations will start all over The Netherlands, building up for the big party held tomorrow, Kings Day. This national holiday is a day to celebrate the ruling monarchs birthday, 27th of April, and everybody is invited!
This royal celebration was first held on the 31st of August 1885, celebrating the birth of Queen Wilhelmina, Queens Day, this traditional celebration has been passed down since to each ruling monarch. In 2013 Queen Beatrix abdicated the thrown and her son Willem- Alexander became king of The Netherlands.
The Kings day festivities will already start tonight with Kings Night, and that’s when the people start paint the city orange, dressing up in orange is a must! Kings day is not only about drinking and going with the flow, many take the opportunity to clean out there homes and sell their things on the street, many cities become a big flea market during Kings Day.
This celebration is mostly taken place outside, on the streets or on the canals, and a lot of food and beverage is sold and consumed along the streets, or brought from home by the visitors, meaning Kings Day accumulates a lot of trash. Therefore we strongly advice you to help keep the cities clean by cleaning up after yourself and choose your disposables careful, go for compostable tableware In Amsterdam, the canals get very polluted with bottles and other trash that later is stranded along the water front. Using compostable disposables will decrease the the negative impact the “run away” trash has on the environment, and will naturally biodegrade within a few weeks.
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