TRUEWOOD- Fresh Off The Boat

Our latest addition to our brands TRUEWOOD has arrived!
TRUEWOOD is a collection of wooden utensils, including classic design cutlery, skewers and tweezers made from FSC wood and bamboo.
FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and is an international, independent, non-profit organization who incorporate views on a democratic basis, establishes global principles and criteria for responsible forestry. Key criteria is the cultivation of forest species that are appropriate to location, protecting habitats, banning genetically-modified plants and reducing the use of pesticides.
The TRUEWOOD collection also has references, skewers and tweezers made from bamboo, a highly praised material all around the world, it is light weight yet incredibly strong and beautiful, with its natural color and structure.
The TRUEWOOD cutlery has a more classic design compared to our Natural Cutlery. Moreover, other references that are included are fries forks, coffee stirrers, wooden boats, cones and cups in different shapes and sizes.
Please visit our new and updated web store, for more information about the TRUEWOOD collection and all our other brands and offers.