Bevrijdingsdag- Liberation day

Don’t you just love spring? The days are getting longer, warmer and sunnier, and best of all, it’s full of national holidays. Last week it was Kings Day in The Netherlands and this week it is Liberation Day on the 5th of May.
On this day, The Netherlands is celebrating the end of The Second World War back in 1945. Since then The Netherlands has strive to be the capital of freedom, independence and tolerance. Many activities and events are arranged on Liberation Day and various festivals are taking place all over the country. Most of these events are taken place outside, and a lot of food and beverage is consumed on disposable tableware during this day. This means that it is important that we take responsibility over where the accumulated trash ends up, in the litter bins, and not on the streets, canals or nature in general.
During the spring and summer most activites move outside and it is important that we don’t get blinded by all the fun and forget to clean up after ourselves. Using compostable tableware is not only practical and aesthetically nice it also has many other positive aspects. For more information about how our compostable disposables can change your lifestyle please click on the link The Main Four Advantages