Pure Bagasse- The Greenest Products For The Best Prices

One of our most recent lines of compostable disposable tableware is Pure Bagasse.
At Luzhou is a leading manufacturer of biodegradable tableware located in Guangdong, China
The biodegradable tableware manufactured at Luzhou is made from 100% bagasse (sugarcane fiber/ bamboo pulp). The tableware is green and will bio degrade within 3 months when placed in the compost. It is heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius, in oven and micro waves but can also handle cooler temperatures in refrigerator units.
The material is strong and will hold its shape when water and oil is added.
All compostable products from Luzhou are certified and tested by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) . The BPI settles the question “Will it compost?”
For more information about Pure Bagasees and its references please click the link -> Pure Bagasse