A Creative Way of Using Sustainable Disposable Tableware

A few weeks ago Engaged had a Wedding Fair were many wedding ideas came to life, one of them was a beautifully decorated table setting with our Natural Tableware and Natural Cutlery.
On the fair designer Vivienne Uzozie used our disposable tableware in a very creative and crafty way, turning the tableware upside down using the plates as building blocks to get more different height in the decorations. She also used similar materials that she folded into patterns to make the table come to life.
The result was fantastic, a sustainable disposables dream come true!
She also used our newest line of “classic”disposables, Pure Bagasse to make a give away made from a hamburger box. Sustainable disposables are convenient and better for the environment and with a design like ours you can use it for every occasion, even a fancy wedding, only you set the boundaries of your own creativity.