“Ooho!” the edible ball of water

One of the prototype winners of the Lexus Design Award 2014 is “Ooho!”. Ooho encapsulates water within a double gelatinous membrane, using the technique of sperification. This culinary technique is also used to make fake caviar and bubble-tea pearls. It creates a new alternative packaging that is simple, cheap, hygienic, resistant, completely biodegradable and even edible!
Curiosity, which was the theme of the Lexus Design Award 2014, has lead the designers, Rodrigo García González, Guillaume Couche and Pierre Yves from Spain to appreciate the most simple and beautiful form of nature; a drop. Liquids form drops because they exhibit surface tension bounded by free surfaces, which is replicated with Ooho. The membrane that encapsulates the water in the form of a drop proposes a new way of packaging as alternative to plastic bottles.
After experimenting the spherification technique with different ingredients, proportions and dimensions, a recipe was found to create Ooho with a double gelatinous membrane and in different sizes. Currently, only big companies have the infrastructure to manufacture (plastic) packaging. The main idea of Ooho is that everyone could make them at home, with a modified and innovated recipe.
Despite some aspects  that will still need some improvements (such as strenght, re-sealability and practicality), we at SD Trading think that Ooho has potential to help putting an end to the waste of billions of plastic containers that are thrown away each year