Package free shopping at ‘Original Unverpackt’ supermarket!

Last week, a new supermarket opened its doors in Kreuzberg, Berlin. And not just any supermarket: the first ‘Original Unverpackt’ supermarket in which no single item is packaged! In this special shop you can buy nearly all products regular supermarkets sell, but you decide exactly how much you want. Just bring your own jars and bottles, fill them up and pay for the weight. Zero waste!
Another big advantage of the Original Unverpackt is the fact that you will save money on not being manipulated by different brands or attractive labels. Brands are carefully selected and local or regional produce will be first choice. Most of the products are organic and due to saving on packaging, their prices are more attractive than in regular supermarkets. And because you are bringing your own jars and bottles after having thought through your shopping list, it is unlikely that you will get home with products that you did not actually need! If you want to pop in spontaniously, you can always borrow some jaws or bottles from the store or use recycled paper bags.
The idea to open a packagefree supermarket was created when Milena Glimbovski (24) and Sara Wolf (31) got frustrated by the amount of waste plastic they generated after cooking dinner. They turned out to be not the only ones with this frustration: within a year and a half they managed to gather enough money through crowdfunding and support to build and open the packagefree supermarket. SD Trading’s team thinks that this is a great initiative to start tackling the problem of plastic waste at its roots!