10/10 – the Dutch Day of Sustainability

On Friday the 10th of October (10/10) this year’s “Dag van de Duurzaamheid“, the day of sustainability, in the Netherlands takes place. On this special day, thousands of sustainable activities will are organized throughout the Netherlands by individuals, companies, organizations and governments. Together they show why the Netherlands is leading the way in sustainable business and how sustainability fits in daily life.
This national “Dag van de Duurzaamheid” is an initiative of Urgenda, an active organization that strives for fast increase of sustainability and innovation in the Netherlands. With the “Dag van de Duurzaamheid”, the goal of Urgenda is to present the strength and the size of the already existing sustainability movement in the Netherlands. People and organizations who are already engaged in sustainability practices will present their experiences, inspiring other people to join.
Visit the project website of the “Dag van de Duurzaamheid” to see which ideas and initiatives are presented to execute or to join. These include for example the “Low Car Diet”, in which companies use bicycles, shared cars, public transportation and flex offices to decrease their carbon footprint, competitions on “the best sustainability idea”, the “Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week”, the “Circle of Trust”, in which entrepreneurs come together to share and develop new sustainability methods and many more. Are you interested in joining or do you have a sustainable idea yourself? You can easily register and support the movement towards an even more sustainable society on the official website of the “Dag van de Duurzaamheid”!
At SD Trading we are contributing to a more sustainable society every day. We find it great to see the great amount of businesses and individuals who already are with us and we hope that many more people will join the sustainability movement!