The Nudie Jeans way of recycling!

Ever wondered what to do with your old jeans? The Swedish company Nudie Jeans found an amazingly innovative purpose for them! After the jeans they initially sold are completely worn out, they make beautiful furniture of them. What a nice way of recycling!
Nudie Jeans’ goal is to re-use as much of the denim fabric that they initially sold as possible; and so far they succeeded. Nudie Jeans accomplished to re-use 90% of the material that 2700 worn-out jeans yielded, resulting into 350 mats of two different sizes and 250 camper seats, all made from different parts of the original product. By recycling clothes this way, there is no more need to throw away your once-so-loved jeans. They can now be given a new purpose, which they deserve after all those years of loyalty.
SD Trading loves this new creative way of recycling! Not all products can just be thrown away like our disposables and should therefore be recycled if possible. As Nudie Jeans has proven, this can lead to very cool new products! For a stunning impression of the beautiful  products that Nudie Jeans has developed, have a look at the pictures below!