Tetra Top makes recycling easy

This year’s big winner of the World Beverage Innovation Awards in Germany is Tetra Pak! This company for packaging solutions received two awards for its smart, renewable way of packaging: the Separable Top design bottle. This bottle combines design with user friendliness and easy recycling!
To make the recyclable carton for the bottles specific re-grown trees are selected and harvested, causing a reduced impact on the environment. For this environmentally friendly profile and contemporary design, the carton has been awarded for being the ‘Best Carton’ during the ceremony.
The ‘plastic’ top that is made of sugar cane instead of from usual fossil fuels. This top made such a great  impression on the judges that it helped Tetra Pak win the first prize in the category ‘Best Closure’ as well! The top is developed in a way that it is easily detachable from the carton, so the both parts can easily be recycled separately.
At SD Trading, where we design beautiful natural disposables, we find it great to see other companies having a positive impact on the environment as well. Congratulations to Tetra Pak and its beautiful Tetra Top Separable Top!