Hampi Products are stepping into the Spotlight!

What’s a barbecue without great looking disposable tableware? Not a complete experience…this is something Grillmasters on RTL 4 is well aware of!
Tonight on RTL4 at 21.30 our compostable palm leaf plates, Hampi Products will step into the spotlight on the BBQ TV show Grillmasters and be featured in each episode the coming 10 weeks.
Grillmasters is literally the hottest culinary TV show this season, where 10 self-proclaimed teams of two “Grillmaster duos” will be put to the ultimate BBQ tests in search for the true Grillmasters of 2015.
The show is hosted by Martijn Krabbe and the jury consist of Herman Den Blijker and the world champion barbecuer Jord Althuizen. Herman is focusing on the culinary aspect while Jord is looking at the grilling technique.
So what is BBQ-ing all about, what is The Secret?
According to Jord Althuizen a Grill master needs to have the perfect combination of the art of cooking, flavors, ingredients, structure and the most important factor, the right temperature.
Throughout the contest all of the Grillmasters creations will be served on our Hampi palm leaf plates. We at SD Trading are incredibly proud and excited for tonight and the coming 10 weeks.
Whether you are planning on hosting a backyard BBQ, go to the park or even arrange a Grillmasters contest between you and your friends go to Tableware.bio and get your BBQ set of disposables for the ultimate Grillmasters experience!