What’s hot in 2015?

The American National Restaurant Association conducted a survey among the chef of the American Culinary Federation on which food and beverage items will be the hottest in 2015.
The “What’s hot in 2015” survey was conducted in the fall of 2014 asking nearly 1300 chefs on what they perceived to be the hottest culinary trends this year.
The results of the survey is dominated by sustainable aspect such as reducing carbon footprint and local sourcing. The second hottest focus is on individual health and nutrition.
The top five trends of 2015 are:
Locally sourced meat and seafood
Locally grown produce
Environmental sustainability
Healthful kids meals
Natural ingredients and minimal processed food.
The sustainable lifestyle and the focus on healthier, more nutrition food choices are triggered by each other and the change is spreading globally through internet and social media.
Being fully sustainable can be tricky when living in a developed and technological advanced day and age but there are many actions you can take to become more sustainable within restaurant operations and the hospitality industry in general. Making your operation more sustainable does not only mean reducing carbon footprints and waste. Our sustainable disposable tableware  enables operations to operate in a more sustainable manner while reducing their costs. Our compostable tableware is not just reducing the negative impact humanity has on our environment, they are actually doing good. Being made from natural organic waste material that can return to earth after use through compost giving the soil more nutrition.