“From Friesland To New York” with disposables

One of our favorite food bloggers Rens Kroes released her new cookbook “Van Friesland Naar New York” (From Friesland to New York) yesterday and rumor has it that our disposable plates are featured.
After the big success of her previous book “Power Food” in 2014 the sequel “Power food: Van Friesland Naar New York” is finally here. In the book you will find an assembly of delicious recipes for a “Happy and Healthy” lifestyle.
Rens focus on highly nutrition food can be traced back to her upbringing in Friesland combined with endless source of inspiration from her time spent in New York, a city that endures many health trends.
The contrast between the serene country side and the high pulse of the city that never sleeps is reflected in the fine food and lifestyle photography presented in the book.
SD Trading is on a mission to increase the use of sustainable disposable tableware worldwide. We want to change the status quo and the way people perceive single use tableware. Many people might have a presumption that all single use tableware is less sustainable than porcelain but when made from organic material such as palm leaves and sugar cane fiber that can be composted after use they are actually a more sustainable alternative than your regular tableware.