Disposables.bio – Your One Stop Shop for Compostable Tableware

Our previous web shop tableware.bio have had a make over, changing name and appearance with more references and a wider range of disposable tableware. Disposables.bio is your one stop shop for sustainable disposable tableware.
Disposables.bio offers disposable tableware for every possible occasion, a fancy dinner, taps evening, mingles, birthdays and any outdoor event you can think of. The web shop is set up to ensure you can easily find what you are looking for, using several filters, sizes, material, price and type of disposables. The main three categories are Chefs’ Choice, Favorites and Classic. The Chefs’ Choice consists of the high end references of our own brands, which are the preferred references, most frequently ordered by executive chefs and restaurants all over Europe. The Favorites category is a selection of our favorite references, that we consider to be the best all- round disposables and that we have a high demand for. The Classic category has disposables with a more classic and clean cut design and quality.
No matter the occasion you can find the disposables you need at disposables.bio