Europe’s first green ferry

Great new from the Netherlands; the first ferry that runs on green gas is soon to be taking people from Den Helder to the island Texel! The TESO (Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming) has signed a contract with CNG Net (Compressed Natural Gas) to have the green ferry transport take people back and forth a few times day.
The ferry should be taken into use in 2016 and is able to transport 1750 people and almost 400 cars at a time. The TESO will be working with compressed natural gas because of it is sustainability and its easy connection to the Dutch gas system through installing a gas pipe of seven kilometers. This means that TESO will not be needing tankers and trucks to transport the gasoline and is able to reduce the emission of CO2 in that way.
On top of the changes in the utilization of fuel, the new ferry will be sustainable in more ways. TESO will be placing solar panels on the roof of the ferry to generate a part of the electricity required on board. Besides, drinking water will be re-used to flush toilets and heat that comes from the motor’s cooling liquids will be regained and reused.
At SD Trading we are promoting every step towards a greener society. CO2 emissions are heavily adding to the pollution of our beautiful nature that we are trying to protect through offering beautiful sustainable disposables as alternative for plastic. We make sure that we do everything we can to become increasingly sustainable and we are glad to have TESO on board