“Use your power to change the climate change”

This coming Saturday, 28th of March at 20.30 local time it is Earth Hour.
Earth Hour is a global environmental movement instigated by the WWF to mobilize hundreds of millions of people to make a difference for the planet by switching off their electric lights for 1h. The core vision of Earth Hour is to generate environmental impact by utilizing the power of the crowd.
The movement started seven years ago in Sidney, Australia and every march since, Earth Hour is celebrated with the symbolic “lights off” hour.  The movement has grown from a one cities initiative to a mass global event, involving more than 162 countries and 7000 cities and towns. The movement is collectively supported by millions of individuals, organizations and governments. The Earth Hour has many large internationally known companies as partners and several celebrities and prominent ambassadors. .
In 2014, Earth Hour embarked on the most exciting stage of its evolution, to be at the forefront of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing for the planet, a campaign called Earth Hour Blue.
Why Blue you might wonder? When all other sustainable campaigns use green as the representable color. That exactly why!
Around 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered. Yet, for decades, green marketers and environmentalists have often associated their conservation and campaigns with the color “green”. Just as consumers were getting used to the “green wave” Earth Hour Blue washes over them changing the why people think of sustainability.
Earth Hour was not only initiated to switch of the lights but to bring people together, stimulate people into taking action beyond the hour and creating an interconnected global community sharing the mutual goal of creating a sustainable future for our planet.
Last year Earth Hour Global launched the world’s first crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform for the planet. The idea was simple, to create a sustainable world by empowering the crowd to take action.
Last year the funds raised on Earth Hour Blue reached USD 61,487 and the donated ad value globally reached a value of USD 56, 9 million. The digital interaction reached 70+ million.
Every year every country participating have different areas of focus. In 2014 countries like China and India, where we manufacture our Sustainable Disposable Plates, have individual environmental outcomes.
WWF- China Blue Sky campaign engaged tens of millions of people, crowdsourcing solutions to air pollution. In India, WWF- India launched an Earth Hour education program in 15,000 schools to help reduce energy use and carbon footprint.
Together we can turn the inspiration of one hour into the actions of every hour. Let’s break last year records and make 2015 a year of change.