A special wrap for IAMSTERDAM

strange experience for everyone who crossed the Museumplein (Museum Square) this morning! Students of the University of Amsterdam made a statement by packaging the famous large IAMSTERDAM letters in plastic waste materials! With this actions the students want to get the attention of the government to apply taxes on plastic packaging to reduce the pollution by plastic.
For the students it was easy to find to wrap the entire artwork in plastic; it only took them ten minutes and five kilos of plastic. An average citizen in Amsterdam throws away 50 kilos of plastic per year, meaning that the plastic waste per person per year can wrap all the letters in plastic ten times! Now think about the approximate one million people living in Amsterdam and pretend all their plastic waste is thrown on one big pile. What an insane amount of plastic would that be!
It is great to see that more and more people are aware of the danger that plastic pollution is causing. Limiting the use of plastic does not have to mean a reduction of life standards; more and more amazing alternatives are available! If you feel inspired by this initiative, you can make a start by stopping to buy plastic disposables and start buying beautiful sustainable disposables at Tableware.bio!