Sustainable Disposables For Any Occasion

No matter the occasion, housewarming or birthday party, sustainable disposables is the number one green solution for you and your event! They are lightweight, strong, sturdy and extremely stylish. Setting up for the party is done in a jiffy without worries of not having enough plates or needing to do the dishes as the guests drop in.
The cleaning also gets much easier and faster, as the party proceeds the used disposables can be thrown away leaving less work when all the guest have left.
Sustainable disposables of this premium quality and design is even nicer looking than regular porcelain and glasses without having to risk breaking your everyday china.
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Stylish Compostables at Culinaire Armada aan de Vliet
On Saturday the 19th of September the Culinaire Armada aan de Vliet 2015 was held.
During the event seven restaurants from Leidschendam, Voorburg and Rijswijk joined forces to serve a seven course dinner under the name “the culinary bridge between Leidschendam, Voorburg and Rijswijk”.
While sailing on the Vliet the guests passed all the seven gourmet restaurants tasting their flavorful dishes. The tour started at the lock in Leidschendam and went along the Vliet, passing the participating restaurants Central Park, Brasserie NL, Brasserie de Koepel, Restaurant Villa La Ruche, Restaurant Saverin, Restaurant bij Erik and NIVEN.
The event was taking the environment into consideration by using sustainable disposables that are easy to use and goes easy on nature.