Callebout ‘ant’ Sucadrops disposables at Tomorrowland Brasil

Just a few kilometers from Sao Paulo ‘Tomorrowland Brasil‘ was held over the last three days. With the best DJ’s from all over the world present on the line-up, Tomorrowland Brasil is not just a pre-party for its Belgian equivalent that will be held this summer, it’s an international dance even with insanely good music. But next to the incredible beats of Hardwell, Steve Aoki and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, there is one more key factor to make this festival one of the greatest in the world; amazing food.
Eehw, there’s an ant in my food
Chocolatier Callebaut was there in Brasil, bringing the best of Belgian chocolate and Brazilian specialties together on one disposable plate. We all love chocolate, but there is only one way to get the real chocolate experience; by letting Callebaut’s chefs overwhelm you. They named their biggest contribution to the festival the ‘Plantation Amazonia’, an incredible mix of Belgian Chocolate ice and fresh Brazilian fruits with an exotic finishing touch; crispy Brazilian ants with lemongrass. As a mayor chocolatier like Callebaut behooves, the desserts were live prepared by the Brazilian chefs.
Sustainability is key
Additional to the enchanting desserts, Callebaut took sustainability into mind at this event. Chocolate is a scarce resource and should therefore be produced in such a way that we can all make use of it for many more years. It’s amazing to see how Callebaut addressed this challenge by opening a sustainable chocolate plantation in Brazil where everyone can plant his or her own chocolate plants. In a few years the cacao this plantation produces can be harvested and used to make more delicious chocolate desserts on green disposables!
Sucadrops disposables
Last but not least, the Callebaut chefs had to present their dishes in the most incredible and sustainable way of course, and what plate serves that purpose better than our own Sucadrops Bowl. Sucadrops disposables are fully sustainable and as you can see on the pictures of the ‘Plantation Amazonia’ below, they are able to present dishes in a magnificent way.