The Magical Shoes

Sometimes the simplest innovation can change the lives of millions of people. The innovation is a sandal that can grow 5 sizes and last for 5 years. The inventor and founder of Because international, Kenton Lee designed a shoe that can adjust 5 sizes ranging from sizes Small to Large, allowing children in impoverished nations to grow up without having to go barefoot.
It all started at a Monthly Care Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya with 140 HIV and AIDS infected orphans and seeing how none of them had fitting shoes.
According to The Shoe That Grows there are over 300 million children who do not have shoes. And countless more that wear shoes that do not fit. Children without shoes are susceptible to injuries and parasites that infect humans through our feet. The problem with ordinary shoe donations is that they are soon outgrown which is exactly the problem that these shoes solve.
While you can buy yourself a pair, the site emphasizes on packages that allow buyers to send shoes in bulks to the countries that need them the most.
Why: Because there are kids without shoes. The current situation is that non-profit organization and NGOs gives children a handout of a pair of regular shoes. The problem is that they are kids; and will soon enough grow out of the shoes they just got a few months ago. So what do the children do, either wear shoes that do not fit, try to alter them to fit a little while longer or go without. No matter what they choose – it is an unfortunate situation for the kids.
HOW: This is where Because International comes in.  They believe that “The Shoe That Grows” is a creative improvement on this situation.  “The Shoe That Grows” is an expandable shoe that kids can adjust to fit their feet. It can go from a size 5 to a size 12.  It adjusts in length, width, and overall shape.  For any kid in school – from 1st grade to 12th grade – they can always have a pair of shoes that fit.
WHAT:  And that is the beauty of “The Shoe That Grows”.  When kids do not have shoes or do not have fitting shoes, they are going to have problems.  Their feet can be effected negatively if they are wearing shoes that do not fit.  And if they do not have shoes, their overall health can be negatively impacted.  They can get worms, parasites, and many other diseases. “The Shoe That Grows” eliminate these problems.  It also takes away the worries that kids have when they do not have shoes.  In their busy, complicated and difficult life – “The Shoe That Grows” will allow them to live life with one less worry