Taste of Antwerp, more than just chocolate…

During the Ascension (Hemelvaart) weekend 14th– 17th May the 9th edition of Taste of Antwerp took place on the Waagnatie riverside with a wonderful view overlooking the Scheldt River.
With a big area of both indoor and outdoor booths and activities the center of Antwerp turned into the culinary hotspot of Belgium. For four days Antwerp became the epicenter for exploring taste buds and amplifying culinary experiences.
The participants included a number of famous chefs and restaurants as well as food trucks and smaller food vendors from all over Belgium.
The concept behind Taste of Antwerp is to make high end cuisine and signature dishes from renowned restaurants affordable to the masses. For a small entrance fee the visitors have a change to taste the city of Antwerp, from Belgium-French Classics to authentic Asian with a touch of barbecue and oysters and a side of heavenly desserts.
This year, we were pleased to see an increased demand in sustainable disposables and to our satisfaction most vendors chose to use our compostable tableware.
Our white professional grade bagasse, sugar cane fiber, plates and bowls “increased elegance” in many booths complementing the lovely creations with their drop shaped design. Our wide range of palm leaf tableware was also a showstopper with its premium quality and natural design.
Our brands of sustainable tableware keeps taking over the culinary event scene all over Europe helping us increase the use of disposable tableware one event at a time.