An Afternoon Delight With BORRELPLATEAU

We all like that little afternoon delight…. especially the Dutch. Having a drink with our colleagues after work is a very common social and enjoyable activity.
For those of you who are not familiar with the Dutch culture it is common for companies and colleagues to have, what they call, a “Borrel”. The Borrel is not only about having a drink and socializing, and the Borrel is not complete without the snacks.
There are many variations of what you serve at a Borrel, you of course you have the classic bitterballen and other deep fried snack but now you have the option of doing something a little bit fancier, the Borrelplateau.
The Borrelplateau is a great option for your office drinks and the presentation is outstanding, giving a natural, organic and homemade impression.
Served on a rustic wooden board with sustainable disposables, Borrelplateau is the number one choice for you!