Add A Personal Touch To Your Disposables

There are several ways to add a twist and personalize your disposables tableware. Adding prints on plates and cutlery, putting a fun sticker on a bowl and why not get down and dirty with your creativity and paint on plates with edible paint… the possibilities are endless…
Personalizing your tableware is possible on many different levels, depending on the quantity there are several options to consider. Printing your company logo onto plates and cutlery is a popular and common way of branding. If you are a smaller event caterer or food truck adding a fun sticker with your logo or theme is a fun and easy way to show your brand. Especially, on larger food events where people walk around with food from several food trucks. By branding or personalizing the tableware your dish catches the eye of the visitors and more people will find their way over to your stand and delicious food!
However, if you are a private user of disposables you can easily mix together edible paint and decorate the plates however you want. This is also a fun activity for your guests, to personalize their own plates, it’s also very appreciated by the younger crowd at birthday parties and such.
So, if you feel like explore your creative side why not add a little decoration to your sustainable disposables…?