Why getting rid of plastic disposables in your F&B outlet saves more than the environment (including Go Green Check list)

Many potential customers prompt the cost question first: “Great products but what’s the price tag? It’s not a weird question as the economy in general is cost driven, however, I strongly believe that you can’t distinguish your company from the competition when cost is the most influential driver.

Run your business focussing on expected returns, the chances on growth and better margins are much more likely. If you use the same disposables as everyone else it means that you’re operating within a highly undesirable corner of the experience society we live in; low cost products that automatically have a maximum price level. When you ask a higher price for the, apparent, same products you won’t sell anything resulting in a price war where you’ll lose money faster than you can count it.

Value is added to your end product due to the eye-catching-design and sustainable character of our products, which in itself adds value to your reputation and will result in more qualitative reviews from your guests. Combine these elements in a correct way and your investment will pay its dividends in a higher revenue as well as a better margin. Saving the planet whilst enhancing your company!

Great packaging protects your brand! Poor packaging will hurt your brand, eventually forcing you to purchase even cheaper products to keep your head above water. The wide array of green disposables at your disposal is making buying unappealing cheap plastics the worst thing you can do for your business.

If you want to make 2018 your year, consider a full transition where you tell your customers exactly how important the environment is for you, that you only use compostable packaging and fair ingredients. You’ll not only win more customers than you’ll lose, the ones you win are prepared to pay a little more and tend to be more loyal. Knowing that you’re company is doing better whilst benefiting the environment will embody you with pride of your company, which your employees will also experience and will turn your guests into ambassadors.

Starting to use green products involves higher costs, however when following the following checklist these costs will be absorbed by a higher income.

The Go Green Checklist

  1. Find alternatives that come closest to your current disposables in terms of measurements.
  2. Start with classic forms and gradually upgrade to more high-end materials.
  3. Join and strengthen the going green (or phasing out plastic) community online; on social media and your website.
  4. Showcase your support for green disposables on public happenings by posters, stickers or anything else you can think of.
  5. Align your outlet by getting rid of any plastic POS materials and giving it a more natural look by adding some wood or other natural materials.
  6. Educate yourself and your staff to be able to answer any possible questions on the spot about the materials and your vision.
  7. Brand your fast runners with your corporate identity and don’t forget to mention they’re green.
  8. Go for natural ingredients, fair brands and products as much as you can.
  9. Keep looking around you, visit comparable outlets in other cities and neighbourhoods and adjust your pricing accordingly.
  10. Be proud and join the #phasingoutplastic movement by shouting it out loud as often as you can.

Natural Tableware is forerunner in the market of customized natural based disposables, which enables our customers to protect their brands and improve their reputation.

Let us show you what we’ve done and can do and start letting disposables work in your benefit!