3 steps to protect your brand with great disposables

“Good packaging protects your product, great packaging protects your brand!”

When looking at the current global trends in packaging, we can see the rise of a great paradigm shift. Disposables no longer solely serve as transporter or holder of food; packaging and disposables are increasingly being used as part of the corporate identity.

Thus, concomitantly, disposables and other packaging are no longer seen as just expenses which needs to be controlled at all costs, preferably by keeping these as low as possible. This shift is a very welcome development as it opens some huge doors for the green alternative as well.

Overall, companies normally tend to go for the best and cheapest solution, why go for anything else if you can get both points (cost and quality) at an average level? If we look at the evolution of disposables, the materials that were used only became thinner and quality went down; remember your last BBQ with those flimsy plastic plates and cutlery?

Don’t you think it’s unbelievable that the majority of people and companies is still using these bad, cheap solutions that can barely function as they’re meant to, holding and transporting food? Why would you use something that doesn’t do its job? The answer is simple: Money and offer. If there is no alternative that’s as cheap but better, we stick to the usual.

The bad example: Traditonal Dutch presentation of fries. Plastic container, plastic fork. ( no added value, no story, cheap standard product)

“You are what you eat” is a well-known phrase. Now it finally looks like we’re starting to understand that the packaging is important as well. I strongly believe that it’s not credible to serve your organic home-made food on a plastic plate, this will not only disprove your story but harm your reputation as well.

So how can disposables help to protect your brand?

  • Step1: Start purchasing disposables that have an value adding influence on your end-product.
  • Step 2: Choose disposables that are in line with your corporate identity instead of having a disproving effect.
  • Step 3: Think outside the box; if you can’t buy it, let someone produce it for you.

Doing this right, will result in customers that are willing to pay more for your dishes and because the disposables are in line with your corporate identity, your marketing power will increase and your brand will be more recognizable. Last but not least, unique custom made solutions deliver excellent menu engineering results, boost indirect sales and allow you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

The great example: New way of presenting fries, adding value, telling the story, fully customized and part of the corporate identity. (Frites Atelier Amsterdam)

Natural Tableware is forerunner in the market of customized natural based disposables, which enables our customers to protect their brands and improve their reputation.

Let us show you what we’ve done and can do and start letting disposables work in your benefit!