WASARA disposables used at unique book presentation ‘Cap’Recette’

Nick Bril, chef and right hand of Sergio Herman at famous Michelin*** restaurant Oud Sluis, and his team prepared some awesome dishes at the launch of the unique ‘Cap’Recette’ Dutch edition. This event was held at Michelin* restaurant de Molen with chef Wouter van Laarhoven. We are very proud they used our design disposable WASARA plates to present their beautiful compositions.
A company that is proud of its catch phrase ‘From the Land to your Plate’. Capfruit ensures that all its criteria regarding the cultivation and selection of the fruits they use are upheld by every one of their partners. They guarantee their customers that every step in the processing of this fruit, whether into chunks, purées or coulis, is carried out in conditions of irreproachable hygiene.
Capfruit introduced a unique book concept called Cap’Recette’. Last week the Dutch edition was a fact with 16 Dutch topchefs, creating 17 inspiring recipes based on the Capfruit philosophy.
An invitation to travel and discover the gastronomy of various regions of the world – that was the inspiration for this programme. A chef presides over each issue, joined by other chefs from his region and together they create 16 recipes using fruit in one of the following categories: pastry, chocolate, confectionery, iced deserts and savoury dishes Once the recipe book is finished, it is translated into 12 languages and made available to chefs throughout the world. During the launch party for each edition, the presiding chef hands the reins of the project to another chef from another region, inviting him to take up the challenge and continue the chain.