Vis & Seizoen Festival – The largest sustainable fish restaurant of Amsterdam

Think about it, a market hall where Holland’s best (star)chefs all present the most delicious dishes of sustainably caught fish. Last week’s Vis & Seizoen Festival turned the Amsterdam Foodcenter into a Valhalla for fish lovers. Around 30 restaurants and a bunch of star chefs joined the party and promoted the importance of sustainable fishery. Totally missed it? No problem. After this year’s success, Vis & Seizoen will definitely be back in 2015!
The Vis & Seizoen (Fish & Season) Festival was initiated by Jan van As Versvishandel, the fish trading company that has been awarded with the ‘MKB Damprijs’ for being the most sustainable business in Amsterdam. Building on this success, they set up the event to create more awareness for sustainable fishery among chefs and restaurant owners. For three days, the Amsterdam Foodcenter was a meeting point for fishermen sharing their newest sustainable catching techniques, for chefs presenting their most creative dishes and for fish lovers feeling like they were walking into some sort of Utopia.
Not only the sustainable fishery initiative benefited from the event. The funding of the Amsterdam Food Bank was a central issue in Amsterdam last week as well. All the revenues gained from cooking demonstrations, readings and all other activities were donated to the charity. The goal of the Vis & Seizoen Festival is to help every family connected to the Food Bank (over 1700 families!) with one pack of pasta or rice per week for an entire year.
The delicious dishes of the chefs looked absolutely magnificent on SD Trading’s Sucadrops disposables and were served with Aspenware cutlery, provided by Heman Verhuurservice.
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