An Urban Concept with Sustainable Disposables maybe…?

Believe it or not but one of the world best restaurant Noma is closing!
In the beginning of this week the chef of the establishment Rene Redzepi announced that the innovative and highly popular restaurant will be closing in 2016.
Considering the true success story of Noma with a wait list of several months and in the top of the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world you might ask yourself, why?
Don’t worry, this is not the end of the Danish food innovation. In 2017 the Noma 2.0 will open at a new location with an Urban concept.
According to Redzepi it makes sense for a restaurant like Noma to have its own garden, the new location will be in Copenhagen’s Christiania neighborhood, an urban site covered in graffiti.
The idea is to build a farm to feed restaurant which will give them even greater control over their supply chain. It is s huge move from the previous Noma concept but an “a jour” movement and enables the restaurant to step into their second stage and get involved in the Danish food education.
The new concept will be slightly different moving away from the ridged constraints of a tasting menu to a more seasonal focus.
With this new concept we are of course crossing our fingers that the restaurant will start using disposable plates that can be composted in the garden and used to fertilize the crops, closing the sustainability circle.