Our Favorite Chefs on Instagram

Instagram is a big place and it’s very easy to get lost, meaning getting so into it that you lose track of time and hours pass by… The source of inspiring and interesting accounts is bottomless, and therefore it’s easy to miss some of the really good ones. Therefore we are sharing some of our favorite chef accounts that we follow with great passion.
1. Rene Redzepi: the one and only Noma superstar Rene Redzepi has a great Instagram feed with posts that varies from kitchen preparations to team outings and culinary trips, you really get an insight in the work behind the top restaurant Noma. Up until this year Nomas was the number 1 restaurant in the world for 2 consecutive years, put was pushed down to third place earlier this year.
2. Jordi Roca: Jordi is one of the Roca brothers behind the successful restaurant El Celler de can Roca, how replaced Noma as the number on restaurant on the 50 World’s Best Restaurants list this year. Jordi has a fun and personal account with a lot of smiling photos in the kitchen, at awards and on travel. The personal angle is inviting and makes you connect with the account and chef.
3. Massimo Bottura is the brains behind the second best restaurant in the world, Osteria Francescana. With this account you will not only get an insight in his restaurants operation but all top restaurants in the world. Massimo Buttura is a traveler and well connected, you will see many photos of him together will other internationally known top chefs at awards or in their kitchens. Definitely a must in your feed!
4. Gaggan: are you a fan of colorful and beautiful food? Then Gaggan is the account for you! The progressive Indian cuisine speaks to many and Gaggan’s honest story of his success is inspiring. With colorful food picture and fun leisurely shots, Gaggan catches your attention.
5. Héléne Darroze: an account filled with mouthwatering culinary photos and personal posts. The quality and source of ingredients are truly important to Helen and that show in her feed, both in the final result as well as the selection of fresh produce
6. Marcus Samuelsson: for those of us who prefer a more “mortal” level of cooking marcuscooks is a great account with easier dishes and cooking tips and tricks. With a number of restaurants in the US the feed has a good mix including pics from the restaurant kitchen to culinary events and street markets.
We of course follow many more great chefs and other accounts, check out our Instagram sd.trading to get more suggestions on who you could follow and get inspired.