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A picnic in the park, a children’s birthday celebration, a tapas party, a neighbourhood gathering, a BBQ; they all start in the kitchen. After spending a lot of time to prepare the food, you really want your guests to be impressed! But how will you present the food to make it look absolutely stunning? Which plates will you use, and do you have enough for every guest? And how do you get them on location? has the answer to all questions! In this #1 online shop you can find the best and most good looking disposables in the market, that are completely sustainable as well! Ugly plastic, weak, bending disposables are a thing of the past; the sustainable disposables of are practical, strong and offer a lasting experience!
You can find various beautifully designed sustainable disposables made of bamboo, bagasse, palmleaves or Aspen wood. On top of that, there is a suitable product set especially put together for any kind of situation! Your hard work in the kitchen will pay off; the top notch design plates will transform each of your dishes into a real gastronomic masterpiece! Logistics will become a piece of cake with the smartly packed disposables and sets; enough tableware to serve your complete neighbourhood easily fits in the passenger seat of your car or on the back of your bike.
And the best is yet to come! At the end of your event, after the stress of the preparation and the celebration you just want to sit down and relax. The last thing you want is to go back into the kitchen to do the dishes… With the products of you no longer have to do any dishes! Because the products are 100% natural and fully compostable, you can just throw them in the compost bin in good conscience.
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