Soon in the Netherlands: package free shops!

After great examples in Berlin and London, the Netherlands will follow soon with opening package free shops! Bag & Buy (Utrecht) and Opgeweckt Noord (Groningen) took the trending initiative and will be opening our country’s first packaging free shops this year. Bag & Buy hopes to open its doors in the fall of 2015, while Opgeweckt Noord aims to already be launched in May!
In package free shops, all unsustainable (plastic) covers and wraps are banned. Consumers bring their own, sustainable, bags and containers and fill them up with exactly as much as they want of the products. This will result in reduction of plastic waste generation and minimazation of throwing away non-used products. Thereby, Opgeweckt Noord will stimulate the purchase of regional products, which will reduce CO2 emissions of trucks and other transport vehicles. Do you want to contribute to the opening of Opgeweckt Noord? They are still looking for financial support through crowdfunding, which you can do through this link.
Our purpose at SD Trading is to decrease the plastic waste influencing our incredible nature. We do this through producing beautiful sustainable disposables in a 100% natural manner, and we greatly support other initiatives like the package free shops to reduce plastic pollution. We hope that Bag & Buy and Opgeweckt Noord will further strengthen this trend!