SD Trading Wishes You a Happy Easter

For most of us Easter is a time for celebration, but the reason for our celebration and how we celebrate differs depending on many factors such as nationality, culture, religion and other believes. What most westerns think of when hearing Easter is Family, Candy, Spring and of course Jesus Christ. But how many people actually know where the holiday and our Easter traditions originates.
When digging deeper into Easter historians and archeologists have found a range of sources for Easter and only one includes Jesus Christ.  Here are some interesting facts about this sweet holiday.
According to the History Channel, Easter is originally a Pagan festival celebrated in the name of Eostre, the goddess of Spring and Fertility and was later on adopted by early Christians.
This is also where the Easter bunny comes from. According to the legend, Eostre consorted with a hare and that was the beginning of the Easter Bunny as we know it. An additional reason for why the mascot of Easter take the shape of a bunny is because hares and bunnies are ancient symbols for life and fertility.
But it wasn’t before the 17th century that Easter and bunnies partnered up in
Europe, and it a century before German immigrants brought this tradition to the US.
However, the Bunny is not the only animal affiliated with this Easter. In Switzerland
children wait for the Cuckoo to deliver the Easter eggs. While in Germany there is a range of animals that bring the eggs. Depending on which of part of Germany you are in, it could either be the Fox, Chick, Rooster or even Stork.
Some of you might wonder, Why eggs…?
The obvious reason is connected to the legend of Eostre, since eggs symbolize fertility and renewal. But there is also another reason as to why eggs represent Easter. During lent a number of foods are banned such as meat, cheese, milk, wine and EGGS. Therefore it was seen as a treat to be allowed to consume eggs again when lent was over.
But why on earth do we decorate them…?
Decorating eggs is one of the oldest Easter customs. It all started in Russia in the late 19th century where it became a tradition to give each other lavish decorated eggs during Easter. You probably know which eggs I am referring to, yes,the Fabergé eggs. The tradition was initiated by Tsar Nicholas II who let Peter Carl Fabergé design the extravagant eggs for him to give to his wife.
There are many different reasons for why we celebrate certain holidays but what they all have in common is that they bring family and friends together.
The holidays can be a stressful time, having the house full while preparing food and accommodating all your guests. Using our sustainable disposable plates  can help you make cleaning much easier and more efficient, leaving more time to spend with the ones you care for.
Happy Easter everyone!