Recycling 2.0

Although we can better reduce and reuse our plastic consumption, recycling is also a very important method to combat against plastic waste. Especially since the Mexican company Ak Inovex has found an innovative way to reduce the energy-use for the recycling process!
During a usual recycling process, plastic is heated to 180 degrees Celsius and thoroughly rinsed with a lot of water. Ak Inovex has developed a technique of recycling that does not use water! Also, because of that less heat is needed, saving on energy as well! Another great benefit is that the new technique can be used for the recycling of almost every type of plastic!
At SD Trading we aim to reduce the use of plastic by producing our own sustainable disposables and therefore preventing the growth of the world’s plastic problem. We are happy to see this innovative recycling initiative. Keep up the good work Ak Inovex