2015 – the International Year of Soils

In a few hours we will enter 2015! For the agricultural industry, this will be the International Year of Soils, as declared by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). By emphasizing the importance of the soils our earth gives us, the FAO hopes to reduce the degradation of finite resources.
Research done by National Geographic shows us that we continue harvesting more nutrients than we are replacing with soils. While the consciousness of what will happen when we run out of oil grows amongst the people, they seem to forget about what will happen when we run out of soil. The dust-bowl that arose in the North-American prairies in the 1930s is a good example of what harm can be done due to negligence of soil erosion. The same phenomenon of dust-storms caused by desertification of land nowadays occurs in the Sahel area in Africa. On a global scale, millions of people are heavily affected by the extreme erosion of soil.
The ways in which we degrade our soils are too numerous to sum up, while on the other hand a huge amount of more sustainable ways to manage our agriculture are available! In 2015, the FAO will increase its support for those sustainable ideas and it will invest in the creation of policies to reduce soil erosion.
The sustainable disposables produced at SD Trading are 100% natural and will simply compost after tossing them in the compost bin. This is how we can make sure that we only ‘borrow’ our materials from the earth and return them after use. Let’s all start 2015 with the resolution of taking care of our soils