Private initiatives to clean the globe make a difference

Ronald de la Fuente founder of the exclusive social networking site ELEQT had enough of the mess on the beautiful island Curaçao where he lives.
Ronald:”We live on an amazing island, Curaçao, of which the nature around us is one of our main attractions and assets. Unfortunately not everyone shares the love for ‘the rock’, and choose to dump their garbage in the middle of our nature reservoir, since it is more convenient for them. Absolutely ridiculous! Fortunately there are a lot of responsible citizens that do not mind investing some of their time to clean up the mess and restore the beauty to one of the most beautiful parts of this island, the Salt Flats (Zoutpannen)”.
Facebook event
He set up a Facebook event Join the team to keep the Zoutpannen clean!  This immediately took off, a lot of people and some local companies thought it was a great idea and they all offered their support:
– Thanks Arkefly Curacao for giving us hats for the shade and tools for the cleanup!
– Selikor confirmed to bring us garbage bags, and have arranged pickup of bags and bigger garbage!
– Coca-Cola Curaçao sponsors gloves for the Clean-up!
If you want to join or help as a sponsor, let them know at their Facebook event page. The clean-up will be on Sunday, March 24.