Better commercial results by replacing standard plastic tableware for greener alternatives

Lately we experienced an increase in requests for our sustainable solutions from large traditional corporates such as contract Caterers and companies active in tourism. The focus of these requests concentrates on how to change the current use of plastic single use tableware into greener alternatives. This is of course an interesting development which we follow closely.
To understand how to be successful in using green disposables, you have to look at the following issues when implementing green solutions into the current operations of these companies.
Customer experience
The price of sustainable disposables is currently still higher than traditional plastic tableware. The most used alternatives are made from bioplastic, palm leafs or bagasse. If however a company decides to replace its traditional plastic for bioplastic, the overall customer experience will not change accordingly as the average customer will not see the difference between regular and bioplastic tableware  – both still have a plastic look ! Besides, most waste companies do not have the facilities in place to separate bioplastic properly, so the environmentally advantage will not be as big as with palm leaf or bagasse plates
Increased Quality
Anyways, changing to greener options such as palm leafs or bagasse only works if our customers are able to increase their customers food experience. Research shows that consumers are getting more and more conscious in terms of quality and are also prepared to pay for that increased quality. Therefore, if you look at the bigger picture, green disposables made out of palm leafs or bagasse with a superb look not only adds to the overall customers experience but also justifies an increased price for the food served on these disposables to cover the higher cost, ultimately leading to better commercial results for our customers.
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