The new Worm Compost Bin by Studio Claire Hornn

Composting your food leftovers; some people do it, some people don’t. Composting correctly comes with the struggle of having to go outside in the cold and throw the leftovers in that ugly container with that unbearable smell; it is disgusting! Studio Claire Hornn found the ultimate solution: a beautifully designed compost bin, tailor-made for inside use.
The first prototype looks incredibly nice and is made of bamboo that comes from sustainable bamboo producer Bambooteq, making the bin sustainable in every thinkable way. The design is not the only oddity of the compost bin; the fact that worms are used to compost the biological waste might even be more special.
The beautiful design is not only an eye catcher, it is functional as well. The compost bin can easily be used as a side table, seat or you can flourish it with a vase with flowers on it.
SD Trading is fascinated by the beautiful creations from Studio Claire Hornn and is glad to see how the awareness for sustainable products is spread more and more. We voted for Studio Claire Hornn in the TEDxYouth@Delft pitching competition. Good luck and keep up the good work!